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What is noted and how does it work?

noted is a company that specializes in returning and/or donating online purchases. Our smart technology scans your email for retail purchases so that we can keep track of return window deadlines and notify you before you miss them. We also offer an in-person service to handle your return, or donate it to a local charity, for you so that you can spend more time doing things you love. 

I have a retailer purchase that noted was unable to scan/track, why?

noted’s database is continuing to grow. If you do not see one of your purchases on the list, please be patient, as we add retailers every day to the monitoring list. If you want the information tracked ASAP, email us at and we will update our list immediately with your preferred retailer.
Are you able to subscribe for the email scans without using the in person return service?
Yes! The email scan service is FREE. 

Do you offer same day pick ups?

Soon! We are only offering pickups Friday through Monday and will eventually move to same day pick ups.

How long after my scheduled pick-up will my return be fulfilled?

We are aiming to complete same day returns but at most it will take us up to 72 hours to complete the return.

How do I prepare for my returns pickup?

noted drivers will be prepared with all necessary materials to complete your return. If you will not be home during your scheduled pickup, please leave all items outside in a safe location. noted is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. If you will be home during the pickup, please have all items ready at your scheduled time. If for any reason we have issues printing labels or completing your return, we will contact you immediately.

I have returns to stores you currently do not service, how can I return these items?

On your noted dashboard, at the bottom of the page you will see an "Add it manually" button. Click it and upload your receipt or QR scan for us to approve and return on your behalf. We are continuously adding new retailers.

Does it cost more if I need shipping supplies?

Tape and labels are at no additional cost to the customer. We encourage our customers to re-purpose cardboard boxes. Our drivers can assemble the box when they complete the return. We also equip our drivers with reused cardboard boxes, but it is not guaranteed. noted will do our best to make sure we have them available, feel free to leave it in the notes section so we can be well prepared for your pickup.

Why is a noted returns specialist unable to pick up my returns/donations? 

noted currently offers in person return and donation delivery service to customers within the greater Nashville metro area. We’re working hard to expand to all major cities – like yours – really soon.

How do I contact noted customer service?

Our member services team would be happy to help you! We can be reached via email (, through our contact us page and our social media handles.

How do I receive the money back or store credit for my return?

The refund process is based on how the retailer usually issues refunds and is also dependent on the timeline of their return policy. Usually, the money will be reimbursed to the card used for the purchase. In certain instances, a store credit will be issued to your account. If we return to a brick and mortar store and we need to accept the reimbursement, our drivers are equipped with noted credit cards and are able to put the reimbursed amount back on the card we have on file through Stripe.

What if I purchased from a store that noted does not have a return policy for?

If your purchase is from a store that noted does not have a return policy for, we may be unable to accurately notify you of your return window. If this happens, noted may contact that store to review their policies so that we are able to monitor your email purchases more efficiently. 

How many items can I return/donate?

The size of our return bins are 18.75” x 14.38” x 10.5”. If you have more items to return and/or donate, you can always request another bin at a discounted price ($9.99). The noted reusable bin can fit approximately 12 clothing items or 5 pairs of shoes, depending on the size.

How will I receive my receipt for my donations?

Every customer that donates an item will receive a tax deductible receipt from the charity that noted delivers the order to. When you schedule a donation pick up in your order, a tax form will automatically become available to you during the check out portion of your order. Download it and fill it out, remember to keep for your personal records. Please visit the charities website to learn more. 

How do I become one of the charities that noted donates to?

We’re always eager to learn more about a local charity in need and grow our family of partners. Please fill out the form on our contact us page and a noted team member will get back to you to learn more about your organization.
How can I tell my friends and family about noted?

We are here to help! Please follow us on our social handles linked at the bottom of this page and please make sure they know that if they are not a Nashville resident, to sign up for our mailing list so we know where to expand to next!

What information does noted collect?

noted securely locates your purchase receipts so that we can track your returns and their returns policies. We take your privacy very seriously, and you can read more about it in our privacy policy.

How is my information being shared?

Trust is important to us at noted. We know that your data and privacy is important to you and it’s important to us. We never sell your data. We’ll only share data with your consent or in ways you’d expect, which we talk more about in our privacy policy. 

How do I uninstall noted?

noted allows you to delete your account. Once your account is deleted all your information is permanently deleted from our system. 

Are my emails kept private?

Yes! We maintain high security standards and value your privacy. Our system only pulls necessary information from emails to help make managing your returns easier. 

If you have a question that’s not listed above, please contact us at, visit our contact us page and submit a request or reach out to us via social. A noted team member will respond to you shortly.