Hi! We’re noted.

We're here to help busy families save time and money with their returns. We are also rooted in our community and give back in many ways.

Excellent returns

Save money

Our Mission: We provide trusted, reliable and efficient returns, hassle free, whenever you need help!

The story

Founded by Alexis Jones in Nashville, TN at the beginning of a pandemic, noted was birthed as a solution to a problem that many Americans faced when COVID changed the way we shopped and lived.

Online shopping became the norm and as boxes piled up weekly, so did the returns and our to do lists. As return windows ended and money was left on the table, the idea of noted became more and more of a reality.

Our founding team knows that the new norm isn’t the norm. The few things that we are certain of are that we want to help make our customers’ lives easier, save them money and help them support their local community.

Our vision is to create a company where people from our community know that they are a priority. In creating our company, it was not only important to us to create an organization that was trustworthy, reliable, and caring, but also showcased our passion for our city and the people who live in it.

noted has a heart to not only help people with their returns, but to also give back to our community. We have created a way for our customers to have the ability to donate items that are either not able to be returned or are desired to be given. We work with local charities and organizations to be able to impact the community around us. To find out about the specific groups we work with, check out our Community page for more information!


Alexis Jones

Founder and CEO

Ryane Pamphile

Co-Founder and Chief Officer of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Experience


Kevin Andres

General Advisor

Rachel Carpenter

Technology Advisor

Chris Dietrich

Operations Advisor