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Missed a return or have some things you are no longer in need of? No stress!
Let Noted help you with those as well. 

At Noted, we partner with local charities that are often overlooked. Together, we have the power to change the lives within our local communities by donating new and gently used unwanted items. Below you will find a list of charities that we currently work with in the Nashville area and some specific items they are in need of. 

Is your charity looking for a donation partner? Drop us a note through our Work With Us page and we’ll be in touch.

Charitable Partners

Mother to Mother

Mother to Mother is a non-profit that provides vital health, safety and wellness items for infants and children in need by working with a special network of social workers, nurses, social service agencies and local hospitals. They distribute diapers, car seats, clothes, cribs, strollers, and other essential baby items to low-income children from newborns to age 10.
To donate, download their printable donation form here.

Items Needed


Clothing (ages 0-10)


Blankets & Bedding

Bottles and feeding supplies

Cribs (no dropside)


High Chairs

Infant Carriers

Diaper cream

Infant tubs


School supplies

Shoes and socks

Sleep sacks and swaddles


Swings and bouncy seats


Safety gates and baby proofing items


Car Seats (Used only if NOT Expired)


Car seats (new)

Hygiene products (new)

Baby monitors (new)

Breast pumps (new)

The Next Door

The Next Door is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving women in crisis, equipping them for lives of wholeness and hope. The Next Door provides services to women who are impacted by addiction, mental illness, trauma and/or incarceration. To donate, download their printable donation form here.

Items Needed

All must be new & unused unless specified

Socks, underwear and bras - all sizes

Plain t-shirts, leggings, shorts, and hoodies (can be lightly used)

African American hair products


Towels and washcloths


Lactation Pads

Oasis Center

In 1969, a group of young lawyers came together to establish the “Rap House,” a simple community center for runaway teens and youth struggling with addictions. Fifty years later, the “Rap House” has evolved into Oasis Center and is providing a wide range of opportunities that reflect the diverse needs of youth and their families, from crisis intervention to youth leadership and community engagement to college and career access. To donate, download their printable donation form here.

*A note Oasis Center: “Due to our inventory and needs, we are currently pausing any clothing donations not listed below on our wish list. You can donate clothes to ThriftSmart, a locally-run thrift store, and ask staff to register the donation in our name. ThirftSmart counts donations towards gift cards which can enable our young adults to pick their own clothes.”

Items Needed

Hand Warmers

New bath towels and washcloths

Insulated, weather-proof gloves

All-weather outdoor blankets

Diapers and wipes

Coats in adult 2x - 4x

Gift cards that are food specific (e.g., MyDonald's, Krystals, etc.)

Gift cards to purchase groceries or other household items
(e.g., Walmart, Target, etc.)

New twin XL mattresses (covers)

Tents, sleeping bags

Leggings, joggers, jeans (adult medium or longer)

Long-sleeved shirts or sweatshirts (not sweaters or
button-down shirts) in adult large or bigger)

11x14" canvases or stretched panels for art studio

Adult-sized biking helmets

Wags and Walks

Wags and Walks is focused on advocating for wrongfully stereotyped bully breeds, medical dogs, and mamas + puppies that are often overlooked and at-risk due to overcrowding. We do not select dogs based on their size, age, or breed. We select our dogs on a case-by-case basis, factoring in our ability to help and their likelihood of thriving when placed in the right home. We know that, like amazing dogs, loving families come in all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to find every pup an adopter whose home, family, and lifestyle are a perfect fit for a lifetime of love and happiness.

Items Needed

Purina Pro Plan Food - Adult & Puppy


Leash, Collars (No harnesses or retractable leashes for safety, please!)

Dog treats & bones

Beds & crate mats

Potty pads (reusable is great too

Toys, stuffed & durable