Do we want to fight or be nice? Return policy edition:

by Admin

November 21, 2023

Amazon is convenient, fast, easy, I mean the list goes on. I don't know about you, but when I think of something I need or want to buy, I go straight to Amazon to purchase it. Not thinking twice if maybe the retailer I need to buy the item from is offering a discount or maybe even a better return policy. That is the type of power Amazon holds over me. Several months ago, my husband bought a gaming chair because he was convinced it would help him game better; I thought it was to look cool while streaming but that's besides the point. He went to Amazon, ordered a Secret Lab gaming chair and in a few days, it showed up at our home. Fast forward to today, I am working, adding return policy information for noted, and I come across Secret Labs’ website. I recognize the gaming chair, identical to the one my husband purchased. I was curious, did Secret Lab have a more flexible return policy than the all mighty Amazon? It turns out they offer a 49 day, zero restocking fee, no questions asked, return policy. Compared to the 30 day return policy Amazon offers. This inspired me! How many times do I subconsciously find my way to Amazon instead of doing some due diligence on my own, to find the best policy for the products I am buying, I know the answer: EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This holiday season, and every season for that matter, let’s take control over where we shop!

Fun fact: Did you know the best time to buy electronics and furniture this holiday season is November 27th (Cyber Monday)? Hold off for the best deals!