The Average Return Policy Length: A Window Into Retailer's Customer-Focused Approach

by Admin

August 7, 2023

Return policies play a crucial role in shaping your shopping experiences. They provide a safety net for those who may change their minds about a purchase or encounter any issues with a product. Understanding the typical return policy length of retailers can help you make more informed decisions about where to shop. Return policies outline the rules and conditions for returning purchased items and receiving refunds or exchanges. They vary widely across retailers, ranging from generous policies with extended return windows to more restrictive policies with shorter timeframes.

Recently, Mike Faith, Founder of stated that they changed their return policy to a money back guarantee and increased the policy length from 30 to 365 days. In doing so, they take the risk away from the customer and the company takes on that risk. Since the policy change, their return rates seen a significant decrease. A longer return policy length offers several benefits to customers: peace of mind, increased flexibility, and improved customer experience.

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